The Doctor

Welcome to my blog! As a medical doctor with over 16 years of experience in private practice, I have seen firsthand the inner workings of the healthcare industry. Throughout my career, I have become increasingly aware of the influence that the pharmaceutical industry has on the practice of medicine and the medical dogma that is not always based on proper science. This realization has sparked my interest in telling people the real truth behind the practice of medicine and the business of medicine.

In addition to my passion for revealing the truth behind the medical industry, I am also interested in alternative medicine, biohacking, traveling, and personal finance. I believe that a holistic approach to health includes not only traditional medical practices but also alternative therapies, lifestyle changes, and self-empowerment.

Through this blog, I hope to provide readers with an informed perspective on the medical industry, as well as insights into alternative health practices, travel, and personal finance. Join me as we explore the many facets of healthcare, and together, seek to understand the truth behind the practice of medicine.